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About Me

Lauren is an artist and model based in Melbourne, Australia, known primarily for her vivid abstract works which depict conversations of colour, form and negative space.

A vast creative background of Fine Art, Dance, Modelling and Acting has shaped Lauren into the artist she is today. Lauren's artistic journey has taken her abroad to discover many facets of the art world in America, London, Bali, Japan and Malaysia. After studying a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at RMIT, and taking some time away from painting, Lauren has resumed her creative journey with a renewed intention; to make artwork which is genuine to the artist's own yearnings.  


Seeking stimulation from new encounters, finding beauty in the unnoticed and the idiosyncrasies of human condition, Lauren gathers inspiration from daily encounters of indefinable moments, intangible thoughts and concealed emotions. Working with both traditional and unconventional media, an element of relinquishing control is often sought after. Traces of Lauren's unconscious life are ideally reconstructed and reinterpreted by the viewer, awaking individual repressed fantasies and imagery.

About the work

The process of mark making is a distinctive and recurrent feature throughout Lauren's artwork. Organic masses and unstructured entities emit dynamic energy and movement. Imagery and matter imprinted on the subconscious mind are depicted by blurring the boundaries between abstract and representational forms. Each mark is an extension of the inner mechanics of Lauren's mind; concealed emotions, impulses, desires and experiences. Predominantly non-representational markings drift on the edge of incomplete and complete. A work reveals itself in time through moments of transformation.

Artistic process

Approaching the canvas without preconception, Lauren's works are continuously rearranged until an unobjectionable composition materialises. An unfolding process of making demonstrates the works in a stage of becoming. This circular mode of working, where every mark is the start and finish of the next, allows the artwork to present itself and the rest of the composition to follow. Layers of painting, drawing or collage are applied, deconstructed, fractured, erased, and reassembled. Often what is removed is more fundamental than what is permitted to remain. Each stage of making retains a ghost of the previous layer, depicting the traces of errors, addition and subtraction of form and decisive moments not witnessed by the viewer. Underworked components are contrasted with overworked fragments, thereby challenging the point of completion and comparing layers of complexity with minimal space. This method of working allows for accidents, as the manifestation of the arbitrary is sought after. Lines are blurred between the premeditated and uncontrolled.   



Artist Instagram:

Personal Instagram: @laurennicholas12


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